Why Crate Training Is So Important To Train A Dog?

Why Crate Training Is So Important To Train A Dog

There are several vital things you will want to do with your dog when first getting it.

You will want to socialize them, begin basic training, and simply introduce them to your home. Something else that is extremely important to training a dog is practicing crate training.

This is one of the most effective ways you will introduce your puppy or dog to the new home.

The reason this is so efficient is because it uses the natural instinct of the dog to achieve what you are hoping to accomplish rather than you forcing them to do something.

In order to get the best results from crate training a dog, you need to get into a good routine.

Having a routine to follow will help the dog learn when it needs to go to the bathroom while avoiding going in the wrong places.

Throughout the process, it is vital you praise your dog every time they go to the bathroom at the right time in the right spot.

This will help them understand they have done a good job which will lead to them doing it the right way every time.

The idea behind crate training is to confine them when they are unsupervised.

You will want to place them in their crate whenever you leave the house or at night when you are sleeping.

As soon as you return home or wake up, you want to immediately remove them and take the outside to go to the bathroom.

Leaving a dog in its crate for too long of a period can lead to them going to the bathroom in their crate.

After all, they cannot hold it forever.

You want to use the crate as a tool to train them, not to abuse them by leaving them in it forever.

Leaving them in too long will certainly be a setback.

Another tip to get results out of your crate training is to associate pleasant rewards and good things with good behavior.

If you provide them with a treat or a toy after they have gone to the bathroom in the right spot, they will learn that good things come from going to the bathroom at the right time in the right place.

You have to understand that you are going to deal with accidents in the beginning phases as it takes time for them to learn. Make sure you do not punish them too harshly, but firmly let them know what they did was bad.

This way they learn but do not become afraid of what you will do to harm them.

Just understand that crate training is an extremely effective way to go about training a dog.

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