Understanding And Dealing With Barking Dogs

Understanding And Dealing With Barking Dogs

Some owners seem to want their dogs to stop barking.

From their perspective, a good dog is a quiet and is only allowed to bark when its owner wants him to.

However, most dogs do not see it that way.

For they too are living creatures with brains, feelings and voice.

The only difference is their way of communicating through barking since they do not speak our language.

I do not think that bark is bad.

On the contrary, I find it encouraging for my dog wanting to talk with me.

It is his thought that counts.

However, the language barrier between dogs and humans is pretty well impermeable.

This also implies that it will be up to us humans to read and understand behind their signals, expressions and body language.

So why do dogs bark?

The reason why they do so is obviously they see what we humans cannot see with our naked eyes.

Such as ghosts and another being a distance away which are alien to our senses.

Or they are just wanting to communicate and let us know their thoughts and feelings.

Whatever those reasons are, it will not be wise to attempt stopping him.

After all, he is a dog, and it is his nature to bark at certain times and in certain situations.

Presumably you were aware of this when you adopted your friend but if privacy and personal freedom are your main priorities, perhaps you may consider selling it back to the pet shop.

Still I am certain you know that respect is an essential part of your relationship with your dog.

You respect her, which you demonstrate by taking good care of him regardless of the convenience of doing so.

Such as feeding him nutritious and tasty food, and showing your affection in ways that he understands and enjoys.

In order for him to be worthy of your respect, he has to respect you, too.

Something that many kind-hearted souls struggle to come to terms with is that dog ownership is not about equality.

It is about you being the boss, and her being the pet.

Dogs are not children.

They are most comfortable and best-behaved when they know that you are in charge.

A dog has to respect your leadership to be a happy, well-adjusted, and well-behaved pet.

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