The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer

Created by seasoned dog lover and owner Doggy Dan, this program is primarily designed to help all dog owners cope with their dogs in training and getting them on what they like them to do.

As compared to other methods, his training method is simple, easy to implement and often takes days to effectively transform your dog.

The reason why he created this program is because of his very own dog Peanut.

Behind which there is a story of how she inspired him to be a dog trainer so as to be able to share what he knows with as many dog lovers and owners as possible.

The Online Dog TrainerBased on what is written in his salesletter, I believe Dan adopted Peanut in November 2004 and 14 years later just 2 years ago at time of posting this, Peanut passed away peacefully.

Having said that, Dan’s program now comprised of 2 components – 2 free and 3 paid courses to do with dog training.

A – Free Courses

1. Obedience Training

This is a free set of 4 part video tutorials that will teach you how to train your dog to be what you want without spending a lot of time and money.

2. Potty Training

Like the first one, this is another course which teaches you how to train your dog to control his urination and pass motion in the exact right place you want him to be.

B – Paid Courses

1. Puppy Training

This course addresses how to kindly and gently manage your new puppy.

As in training, diet, exercise, health as well as the psychology behind why your puppy might be struggling with certain issues.

With this critical knowledge, dog owners will know how exactly to understand, connect and build a solid relationship with their puppies

2. The Dog Calming Code

This comprises of 23 videos totaling over 2 hours that teaches you how to discipline and manage your dog emotions effectively.

Unlike Puppy Training, this one is geared towards when the dog is growing up and becomes harder to control at home or in public.

With Dan’s help, those videos provide the key fundamentals of what to do and what not to do when handling your dog.

3. Become A Dog Trainer

This is the high end virtual academy coaching program that teaches you everything Dan knows from experience and knowledge on how to become a dog trainer most dogs will adore.

As compared with the other 2 paid ones and free courses I mentioned, this one covers everything and why it costs more than any other program.

But when you signed up as student should the spots are still available at the time of posting this, Dan will take dog owners by the hand through –

Not just video tutorials and PDF resources in membership area but providing his personal email address that you can contact him anytime you need help with training your dog.

Having said that, dog owners must be wondering whether they should sign up.

The Online Dog Trainer

My answer will be if budget is an issue but dog owners still need help fast with training your dog effectively, please go through the first 2 free courses and if they need help further and have money to invest, they may consider going for the paid ones.

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