The Dog Solution

The Dog Solution

The Dog SolutionWritten by Jonathan Gutierrez, this is basically his secret handbook on how you can transform your dog to be more obedient, healthier and happier with these 73 tested-and-proven-to-work methods.

Understanding the most problems most dog owners has since he is one himself, what he comes up is invaluable and can make a fundamental shift in balancing dogs’ behaviour and relationship with their owners and people around them.

Such as:




The Dog Solution1. 73 sneaky tricks to tap into the subconscious mind of your dog and make them obey your every command while still maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

2. 15 natural oils, supplements and common household ingredients that served as medical cure for your dog’s health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, joint pain, bad hips and more.

3. Dangers of eating poop which can lead to infectious disease and parasites and 3 ways you can stop your dog from doing so and yet keeping them healthy.

4. Four-letter word you should use to keep them from barking and jumping on strangers for no apparent reason.

5. How to stop your dog from shedding valuable items in your home.

15 Foods That Could Kill Your DogPlus you are also getting a free bonus on 15 foods that can kill your dog but which we consume regularly as humans.

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