Parrots Secrets

Parrot Secrets

Before you adopt a parrot, you should educate yourself thoroughly about all the things you need to know to keep your parrot happy and safe.

This guide will educate you on all the necessary aspects of adopting and owning a happy parrot.

Do you make these common mistakes like most typical parrot owners such as –

1. Yelling at your parrot to shut up when it screams

2. Over-reacting in pain whenever it bites

3. Providing your parrots only seeds as food

4. Placing the cate near the window overlooking the garden

5. Placing its food and water bowls just beneath perch etc.

Then you certainly need to check out this guide.

Created by seasoned parrot owner Maureen Snyder Oyen from Novato, California, Parrot Secrets guide is primarily designed to educate and help parrot owners to connect and build better relationships with their bird pets.

This comprises of 4 PDF e-books as in:

1. How To Get Your Parrot To Talk And Do Astonishing Tricks

Here you will discover how to inspire your Parrot to communicate effectively and engage in basic conversation skills.

2. How To Get Your Parrot To Love You More

Simply loving the parrot is not enough.

You have to get the parrot to love you as well by respecting you as a person while doing the things it enjoys without being a nuisance to you and others via screaming.

3. A Happy Parrot Diet

Feeding your parrot the right and healthy food is just as important.

Here you will learn exactly what you should feed your parrot daily and convince it to adopt and enjoy its meals.

4. How To Choose Your Parrot Wisely

If you do not have the parrot yet but intend to own one, this should be your first book to read.

For it contains what parrots suit your personality and the different types of parrots and its sellers on the market.

You will also learn what questions to ask before deciding to buy your first parrot.


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