Paper Training Your Dog – How To Do It And Common Problems

Paper Training Your Dog - How To Do It And Common

What is paper training?

Paper training is a specific form of house training for your dog.

You teach where in the house is appropriate for her to clear her bowels.

By paper training your dog, you teach her to only eliminate on newspapers which are chosen for their absorbency, ready availability, and cheap cost which you can afford to gather and throw away after each use.

What Other Options Do I Have Besides Paper Training My Dog?

There are 2 ways of effectively, efficiently and rapidly house training your dog.

Paper training is one.

The other is something called crate training.

Crate training is based on a dog’s basic dislike of soiling where she sleeps.

This also involves restricting the dog’s movement by putting her in a crate, or small indoor kennel whenever she cannot be actively supervised.

Difference Between Crate Training And House Training?

Through common sense, paper and crate training are not the same.

Crate training is where you train your dog to only go outside whereas paper training is where you train your dog to only go on newspapers.

You cannot train your dog to do both at the same time as they are mutually exclusive.

She will get confused and you only prolong the training process.

You can choose to use paper training as an intermediary step for eventually only eliminating outside even though not everyone recommends this.

It will be easier on the dog, and more effective all round, to choose one method and stick with it.

Why Should I Choose Paper Training Instead Of Crate Training?

Crate and training are both effective ways to house train your dog.

In general, it is accepted by most dog trainers and vets that crate training is the fastest method of house training your dog.

But it requires a considerable investment of time and effort, which is not an option for everyone.

Paper training is the best option for you if:

– You do not have easy access to a yard (for example, you live in a hi-rise apartment block)

– It is not easy for you to take your dog outside for any other reason (for example, elderly or unwell people)

– You have a full-time job, or other time-consuming commitment which can’t be got around.

– You plan to train your dog to go outside the house eventually but not just yet due to bad weather like snow and heavy rain.

Crate training is the best option for you if:

– You have a medium to big dog

– You are able to spend a lot of time during your puppy’s first weeks of house training in actively supervising her, and are available during the day to let her out of the crate at 2 or 3 hour intervals

– You want to train your dog to go outside the house right from the start

However, please note that paper training is not suitable for all dogs.

It only works for small males and small-to-medium females, since a dog larger than these just produces too much waste for the newspaper to handle.

How To Paper Train Your Dog?

First, pick a convenient area of the house for your dog to use as the elimination area.

Because she is going to pee in this area.

It will be best if you can choose somewhere without carpet: most people choose a corner of the kitchen or laundry since these rooms usually have tiled or linoleum floors, making hygiene a non-issue.

Spread newspaper thickly in a corner of this room.

At first, you need to make the newspaper area pretty big since your pup has no idea that she’s meant to go on the paper at all.

To make sure that she is able to eliminate only on the paper, you either need to restrict her movements to the papered area of the floor which you can do by erecting barriers to keep her in.

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