How To Have Success With Your Dog Behavior Training?

How To Have Success With Your Dog Behavior Training?

You want to make sure your dog is obedient and has little to no behavior issues whatsoever.

So how can you have success with your behavior training?

Before beginning your dog behavior training, it is important you have the right attitude and mindset yourself.

It is not always a walk in the park training a dog.

But you have to be motivated to get the job done.

Having patience will allow you to properly train them without becoming overly agitated or frustrated.

As you begin your training, start with basic commands like sit, stay and come.

You want to know that if your dog gets loose while on a walk, you have the power to tell them to stay or sit.

Knowing these commands will come in handy for just about anything down the road.

Treats are a great way to effectively train your dog.

Every dog enjoys a flavorful treat and you can use this to your advantage.

If they do something correctly or follow your instructions, you award them with a treat.

If they do not respond, they do not get a treat.

It is as simple as that.

This eliminates the need for you to yell and scream at your dog as this will accomplish nothing.

It will solely put fear into your dog.

The next tip to having success with your dog behavior training is to train them away from distractions.

Although dogs can be fairly smart, they will succumb to a good toy or some other kind of distraction.

For this reason, you are best off taking them to an empty filed or park where there are no people.

This will allow them to focus strictly on what you are telling them.

Teaching a dog to sit is fairly simple as all you have to do is place your hand on their back and guide his bottom down.

When the bottom is down, say sit and tell him he did a good job.

Repeat this a few times so he can get an understanding of what you want him to do.

You can then award him with a treat.

Repetition and consistency is crucial to helping your dog learn.

As you give dog behavior training a go, make sure you remember to stay calm, patient and relaxed.

It does not have to be a stressful job.

You can have some fun with it if you have the right mindset.

Take the tips in this article into consideration to help you with your training.

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