Mark SimonsMark Simons used to be a vet and during his time of profession over the past 7 years, he has helped healed many cats, dogs and even parrots.

Therefore he knows a lot about how to look after their health and manage their emotions as you can see in many of the articles originally written by him and we helped him to publish on this site to reach out and help more people whether they intend to own pets or are already pet owners themselves.

Besides providing what you need to know about training your pets through articles, we will also be recommending relevant programs and products that may help you succeed faster.

The products we are recommending are mainly from Amazon and Clickbank in which we will receive our fair share of commissions as affiliates should you decide to purchase them.

For your information, Clickbank is among the largest online marketplaces in digital products or e-learning programs comprising of e-books, software tools and video tutorials in membership sites on a variety of topics such as Wealth, Health, Sports, Personal Development and Arts And Entertainment etc. 

While Amazon deals with mainly physical products – what we bought from shopping malls regularly, mobile apps and Kindle books.